Katherine Poynton Psychologist The Neigh



BAppSc(HlthSc), BAppSc(Psych)(Hons), MEdPysch, MEd 

Katherine welcomes clients of all ages and backgrounds, including the LGBTIQA+ population.


Katherine is a registered psychologist who initially completed her Masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Melbourne in 2009. Her research project focused on coping styles and anxiety symptoms amongst adolescent females experiencing bullying.


Since this time, Katherine has continued to gather extensive experience working across a range of settings including early intervention programs, kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, an English language school, and universities both in Melbourne and further abroad in the United States.


Throughout her various work roles, she has engaged in diagnostic assessments, supporting the social-emotional development of young people, direct strategy support and advocacy for learners of all abilities, positive behaviour support, mentoring teachers and school staff, providing parent/carer support, and counselling.


Katherine welcomes clients of all ages, from all backgrounds and she engages in a range of evidence-based practices and techniques stemming from cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy, trauma-informed approaches, and mindfulness. 


She values creating a warm, open, authentic, and inclusive environment for clients to explore the therapeutic process in a way that is most meaningful for them.




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