Michelle Smith registered acupuncturist and chinese herbalist in Melbourne at The neighbourhood clinic




Michelle completed her studies in Melbourne, Australia, and has furthered her studies in both Taiwan and China. Michelle completed a hospital internship in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the Tzu Chi Hospital in Taipei. In addition to her tertiary studies in Australia, she has had access to some of the industry’s leading mentors in Chinese medicine, to which she is grateful for. 

Michelle believes in a whole body approach to health and in addition to being a Chinese medicine practitioner, Michelle facilitates yoga, qigong and meditation classes and workshops. Her treatment plans may incorporate movement and meditation to provide a holistic approach to your health goals. 

Michelle holds a special interest in menstrual health and fertility for women and gender diverse people. She believes a healthy menstrual cycle is the foundation of health for menstruating people, and aims to support this demographic by supporting symptoms associated with endometriosis, PCOS, irregular or missing cycles, painful periods, pelvic pain and peri-menopause. Michelle also holds a special interest in fertility, and has completed further studies to support all people wanting to create a family, including through the assistance of IVF and other methods. She also offers birth preparation treatments. 

During her time in Taiwan, Michelle observed the widespread use of Tung style acupuncture and has since furthered her education in this area. She loves the versatility of Tung acupuncture from treating acute conditions to those of chronic nature. Her teachers include Henry McCann (USA) and Naomi Jankowski (AUS). She holds a special interest in utilising Tung acupuncture in the treatment of gynaecology, in particular, pelvic pain. 

Michelle’s internship at the Tzu Chi Hospital included a special focus in rheumatology and post-stroke care. She has taken a special interest in scalp acupuncture to support neurological conditions. With an extensive movement background, Michelle is well equipped to support musculoskeletal conditions, including acute and chronic pain. Her goal is to support her patients to get back to doing the things in life they love. 

When Michelle isn’t in clinic you can find her at the yoga studio or playing with her labradoodle, Billie. 

Michelle believes everyone should be fully seen and heard by their health practitioner and aims to provide a safe space for healing. She stands in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ and BIPOC community’s and is a Health At Every Size (HAES) and trauma informed practitioner.




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