2019 at TNC: Some Sad and Some Exciting News

We’ve been going through some changes at The Neighbourhood Clinic and they have been in equal portions exciting and sad.

When we started this journey in January 2018 we had the plan of creating a medical practice that integrated more broadly the evidence based literature regarding health.

Rather than having GPs tucked away in cramped windowless rooms pumping patients out with prescriptions we wanted to integrate other professions into the fold.

And so we set about finding Osteopaths, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, Acupuncturists and Remedial Massage Therapists. And we were fortunate to find amazing people that wanted to join our team.

The other thing that we wanted to integrate was movement.

This is the sad part….

This was because the evidence for movement and mindful movement is strong. So we opened up yoga and pilates classes every night and on Saturdays.

But the unfortunate thing about running a small business is that you have to balance what you would love to work with what actually you can manage.

We paid our teachers above the standard, we marketed, we spruiked, and we personally attended the classes. But after 12 months we had to make the hard decision and discontinue the service.

Funnily enough, in Fitzroy North, there is a bit of competition for yoga and pilates.

This where the exciting part starts…

The exciting news is that we are expanding our Exercise Physiology services and hours.

Exercise Physiology, to dramatically simplify a 5 year university qualification, is a profession established to fulfil the concept that “Movement is Medicine.”

You may have seen in the news recently that exercise is beneficial for people with diabetes, or cancer, or heart disease, or for polycystic ovarian syndrome or many other conditions.

Well the vast majority of that research has been conducted by Exercise Physiologists.


This doesn’t mean that you should just get your dusty runners our and go for a run with a dodgy heart/knee/pancreas/kidney/cancer.

There are a vast array of types of exercise, there are differing intensities and programs.

And the glorious thing about Exercise Physiology is that they measure all sorts of things and tailor a program that will help you exercise your way out of the condition you are in.

These programs can be done on site under supervision, in one on one appointments or in smaller group appointments, or they can be done at home.

Learn more about Exercise Physiology at The Neighbourhood Clinic by clicking HERE.


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