Exercise Right for Active Ageing Grant

The Neighbourhood Clinic has been successful in obtaining the Exercise Right for Active Ageing (ERAA) project, funded by the Sport AUS Better Ageing Grant as part of the Move it Aus - Better Ageing Grants Program.

The grant will provide subsidies for an initial mini-assessment and for a 12 x 1 hour group sessions for eligible participants. 

For both the exercise assessment and classes, the participant is required to provide a small co-payment.

The subsidies are as follows:

Assessment = $ 38.50

• Participant pays $18.50  • Grant subsidy: $20.00

Group session = $13.50 per session

• Co-payment of $8.00 per participant per session  • Grant subsidy of $5.50


People who are aged over 65, who do less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days each week, in line with the Physical Activity Recommendations for Older Australians. Patients who have already participated in exercise physiology at this clinic are not eligible for the grant program.

Please contact the clinic on 9043 6568 if you feel you may be eligible or know someone who may meet the criteria and is interested in joining.

Further information is available at  https://www.essa.org.au/Public/Members_Lounge/Exercise_Right_for_Active_Ageing.aspx?WebsiteKey=b4460de9-2eb5-46f1-aeaa-3795ae70c687

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