Welcome Dr Ash Sangha! Meet our new Osteopath


You’re an Osteo with an interesting background. What did you do before studying Osteo and what lead you to studying Osteo?

Since the age of 10 I believed my passions lay in Dentistry. I was proven remarkably wrong in my first year of University when I was dragged along to volunteer as a manual therapist at a Marathon in Melbourne. I absolutely loved getting to know people whilst assisting them with their multitude of pain presentations. I chose Osteopathy over other disciplines because I personally wanted to be involved in the whole recovery process of a patient. Having had multiple sports-related injuries growing up, I wanted to assist them with the initial pain presentation and see them through to lifestyle / ergonomic changes, strengthening and exercise management. Osteopathy was and is perfect for that. 

Osteopaths are notorious for having different ways of describing what they do. What is your explanation for what you do/what an Osteopath is? To me, Osteopathy is about giving the human body the best opportunity to heal itself. My manual treatments primarily focus on easing muscular tension and normalising joint range of motion to create a balance. However, I thoroughly believe in patient education and empowerment so a portion of your initial consultation with me will be spent explaining exactly what I believe is happening to you and why and creating a treatment and management plan that works for you.  You’ve got an extended interest and practice in repetitive strain injuries, could you briefly explain what an RSI injury is and give a tip for people that suffer from them? RSI injuries are injuries that are sustained by repetitive forces to an area over a prolonged period of time. For example a very mild version of an RSI injury is elbow pain after spending an afternoon using an allen key to build an IKEA flat pack or a carpenter experiencing elbow/thumb pain after using a trigger tool all day at work. My biggest tip for people who experience RSI is rest from aggravating activities and of course, an Osteopathic treatment.  When you are not Osteo-ing what can people find you doing? Most of my weekdays are spent either at the gym, attempting to cook or being a dog-mum to our 10 year old American Staffy. My weekends are often spent with family and friends either having dinner, playing golf, going fishing in the Summer or going snowboarding in Winter. What are you currently watching on Netflix/Stan? Snowpiercer (the series), Outlander and The Handmaid's Tale! What is your favourite book/s? Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins Principles by Ray Dalio Thrive by Arianna Huffington  Start With Why by Simon Sinek   Who is your hero/heroes? And why? It's somewhat clichéd but I don't have a hero. I am just truly inspired by every-day people who rise up against their uncontrollable circumstances and multiple failures to succeed in whatever they want to do but then also give back by sharing their stories to inspire others.

Dr Ash Sangha is an Osteopath at The Neighbourhood Clinic. To book an appointment CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE or give our friendly reception a call on 9043 6568.

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