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Welcome, Dr Emily!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to sit down and fill the people of the Neighbourhood in as to who you are and what you’ve been up to prior to joining us.

First off, what’s your favourite book? Or favourite author?

I loved ‘A Fine Balance’ By Rohinton Mistry

What’s your favourite film or series?

Most recently I love ‘Afterlife’ By Ricky Gervais 

Who’s your favourite on screen doctor? Or if you have none, who is your most disliked onscreen doctor? Why?

I absolutely adore Dr Javid Abdelmoniem, my very good friend from University. He is a TV Dr in the UK, who did a Panorama documentary whilst working in Sierra Leone with people suffering from Ebola. He most recently did a documentary about Cannabis use. He is the current president of MSF UK. 

You’re a singer, and have been for a number of years. Who is your favourite singer?

Just one!? Nina Simone, Carole King,  Adele, Billy Eilish,  and I’ll always have a soft spot for Amy Winehouse. She died way too young.

What has been the most memorable place/situation that you have sung in before?

Most recently I sang with my Aboriginal reconciliation choir at Graham Polly Farmer’s Funeral at the Optus Stadium. It was a very moving experience shared with some dear friends. 

Medically, you’re experienced and you’re clearly passionate, this is a bit of a tough question but could you summarise your general approach to medicine?

My general approach these days is to bring to my patients an open heart and a listening ear, to try my very best to understand what is happening for them, so together we find a way through.

As a General Practitioner what areas are you especially passionate about?

Family and women’s health are my favourite areas of medicine.