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From Little (flooded) Things,

Big Things Grow 

In late 2017 a group of health practitioners signed the lease to two buildings on St Georges Rd Fitzroy North. The plan was to create a multi-modal medical practice that we would want to go to.

No cramped consulting rooms without windows or TVs playing advertisements in the waiting room.  But rather a beautiful space with practitioners and staff that cared for the community.  The premise was to be a practice that housed the practitioners that could help people in a biopsychosocial manner.

With GPs for the main health complaints. 

Osteopaths and Acupuncturists for aches and pains. 

Psychologists to help with cognitive cartography. 


There was a slight hiccup though. 

Just before we were scheduled to open there was a smell. We went through the roof. We looked at the drainage. We double-checked the windows. And then we checked under the floor. 

Which was when we found the flood. 

There was 17cm of water under both buildings. We were sitting on a subterranean swamp better suited to a mosquito menagerie than a medical practice. Delays were incurred as the water was drained, the pipe fixed, the floors replaced, melancholy kicked in and wine was drunk.

But in the end, we got there. We opened our doors in March 2018.

Thanks so much to all the staff and the local community that have embraced us so kindly.

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