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Headache and Migraine Osteo Treatment In Melbourne

Patients frequently visit our Osteopathy clinic in Fitzroy in Melbourne due to headaches and migraines. Almost everyone has, at some point, felt the uncomfortable sensation of having a migraine. They might vary from sporadic mild headaches to frequent, severe migraines.

Osteopathic treatment can be invaluable in reducing headaches and Migraines

Common Types of Headaches

1. Tension
Pressure and tightness around the neck, head, and temporal region are common symptoms of tension headaches. They frequently resemble a hatband distribution, which makes them feel as tight as a hat.

2. Migraine
A visual disturbance or aura of some kind is a common migraine trigger. They cause throbbing, cutting pain that is frequently accompanied by nausea, vertigo, and light sensitivity.

3. Sinus
Sinus irritability or infections are linked to sinus headaches. The front of the head and face are frequently painful, and the maxillary or frontal sinuses may be under pressure.

4. Adolescent Headaches

Headaches can also affect children and teenagers. Stress from improper sleeping positions and bad posture from using iPads, phones, and computers can be the cause of this. Children of school age may be more prone to headaches due to the heavy backpacks they wear, the extended periods of time spent sitting in class, and the demands of the classroom. Children can experience nausea without experiencing any head symptoms.


Causes of Headaches our Osteopaths encounter


- Stress
- Exhaustion
- Sinusitis
- Dehydration
- Dental Problems
- Eye Problems
- Food Sensitivity
- Lack of Sleep
- Head Injury
- Colds and Viruses


Treatment for Migraines

Finding areas of increased muscle tension and joint strain that may be contributing to the headaches or migraines requires a whole-body approach to treatment. These locations could be the jaw, neck, back, pelvis, or even leg length or ankle abnormalities that could result in a compensatory pattern that extends all the way up the spine to the upper neck.
Most osteopath practice with extreme gentleness. As a result, your osteopath can relieve any muscle tension and joint strain without utilising any harsh or violent neck manipulation, which is great for treating the neck area.

Our procedure is perfect for patients whose necks are often uncomfortable. Our approach prevents the neck from clicking or snapping. These areas are balanced by your osteopath with the lightest pressure.


Osteopathic Examination of Headaches

A thorough history of any prior accidents, illnesses, surgeries, or other events that may be connected to the headaches is taken at the beginning of the appointment.

Your osteopath will be curious in the pattern and symptoms of the pain you are currently experiencing and will be working to determine what factors may have contributed to the beginning and persistence of your headaches.

Your osteopathic doctor may inquire about your job, stress, food, interests, hobbies, and exercise routines, as well as whether there have been any recent changes or actions that may have contributed to the strain in your upper back and neck.


Common Causes of Migraines and Headaches


- Stress
- Exhaustion
- Dehydration
- Sinus issues
- Lack of sleep

Muscle tension or joint strain in the upper back and neck is a highly frequent cause of headaches and migraines.

Here, your osteopath can be of assistance.

Many people with who suffer from migraines or headaches tense up in their neck and upper back.

Many people retain greater amounts of muscle tension in their upper back, shoulders, and neck as a result of the stress that comes with modern life.

This may cause a cervicogenic headache in certain persons.

This describes a headache that originates in the neck region.

Patients visit our clinic for a variety of reasons, but headaches are a fairly frequent one.
Rarely, underlying pathology that has certain characteristics or "red flags" that the osteopath searches for in the case history might induce headaches and migraines.


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