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Spinal conditions, lower back and neck pain to headaches

Dr Nicholas Arora Osteopath The Neighbou



M.H.Sci (Osteo), B.Sc. (Clin.Sci.)

Nick has a Masters in Osteopathy gained from Victoria University where he completed his masters study on the effectiveness of cranial osteopathy in treating juvenile asthma. 

Nick has a particular interest in the fascial-connective tissue system. In good health, it is the glue holding the body together; when disorganised, it becomes restrictive making life uncomfortable. Through working with these tissues, it is possible to identify long held maladaptive patterns that slow the healing process, prevent complete injury healing and predispose to repeat injury.
This interest has led Nick to explore these concepts within the organ systems or "visceral osteopathy" with the Barral Institute. These studies focus on the structure and functioning of the organ systems, which just like the musculoskeletal system require freedom to slide and glide without restriction, adequate blood supply and drainage. Effective work can significantly help in the management of digestive problems, breathing difficulties and period pain to mention a few.
Over the years Nick has been fortunate to work alongside a varied and skilled bunch of therapists and practitioners, forming relationships and sharing knowledge with Pilates instructors, yogis, naturopaths, counsellors and many others. He has also worked alongside highly regarded orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai, India as an osteopathic tutor and consultant at one of the country’s leading private sports medicine hospitals.
These experiences have allowed Nick to develop an expansive view on health and wellbeing. He couples this with his refined sense of touch he has been crafting over more than a decade to assess, diagnose and treat musculo-skeletal conditions. 

Nick is proficient in the treatment of spinal conditions from coccyx to cranium and their ongoing management. He also enjoys all areas of general osteopathic practice from headaches and TMJ (jaw) dysfunction to ankle and foot problems and everything in-between.  Nick sees adults and children from the age of 5 years.
For Nick, one of the best ways to learn is through direct experience and so he is constantly observing and working with his own body through yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, breath work and things that perhaps don’t yet have a name.
Nick advocates kind curiosity for the body, getting to know it as a friend, to understand its strengths, weaknesses, tension and habits and from this place to implement changes that help it to glide through life with a little more ease. 


Areas of practice and interest:

• Adults and kids from 5 years of age
• Cranial osteopathy
• Painful/problematic movement
• Dysfunctional breathing patterns
• Stress and tension relief
• Digestive system issues
• Headaches
• TMJ (jaw) dysfunction
• Sinus congestion
• Wellness maintenance

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