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MyMedicare registration is voluntary and free for General Practice patients of The Neighbourhood Clinic. Learn about it here:

What is MyMedicare?

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model, introduced by the Federal government.  It aims to formalise the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams.


Evidence shows that seeing the same GP and healthcare team regularly leads to better health outcomes.


MyMedicare Quick Facts

  • MyMedicare registration is voluntary and free for General Practice patients of The Neighbourhood Clinic, who:

    • hold a valid Medicare or DVA card; and

    • have had two face-to-face GP visits at The Neighbourhood Clinic within the last 24 months.

  • You can still be a patient of the GPs at The Neighbourhood Clinic without being registered.

  • If you do register to one of the GPs at The Neighbourhood Clinic, you may be entitled to receive a Medicare rebate for longer phone or video (telehealth) consultations. Registration will also help to deliver health care services that better meets your needs, including services provided by practice nurses and allied health professionals.  There maybe further benefits announced by the government in due course.

  • If you are registered with a GP, you can still see another GP at another practice but you won’t be able to access the longer (Medicare-funded) telehealth consultations at the other practice.

  • You can register online through your Medicare Online Account or via the Medicare Express App.  If you would prefer to register manually, please send us an email at and we can provide a hard copy registration form.

  • You can choose to withdraw from MyMedicare at any time.  If you register at a different practice, this will automatically withdraw any previous registration and notify The Neighbourhood Clinic.

 For FAQs and more details on the benefits, eligibility, and registration, click here:

MyMedicare FAQ AU gov.png

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