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BAppSc, Masters Dietetic Practice

Maddie takes a compassionate and holistic approach to nutrition care, with a deep commitment to nurturing healthy relationships with food and the body. With a background in counselling skills and a trauma-informed care approach, she understands that true wellness extends beyond dietary choices.

Maddie is a Fitzroy North local whose strong passion for food led to her study a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Dietetic Practice. Throughout her career as a dietitian, she has worked in private practice, and community health through the NDIS and home-care sectors.

Maddie loves to share her knowledge in cooking skills and nutrition science to empower individuals to make nourishing and satisfying food choices.


Maddie's expertise spans across the lifespan, and she has extensive experience in eating disorders, disordered eating, gastrointestinal health, mood disorders and disability nutrition. Her client-centered care philosophy ensures that each person receives individualised support tailored to their unique needs and goals. She also supports those with malnutrition and chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

In her leisure time, you'll find Maddie immersed in the beauty of nature, whether on a relaxing beach, adventurous bushwalk, or camping expedition. She also seeks movement that brings her joy such as yoga, tap dancing, netball, and basketball. Maddie loves exploring her local culinary scene, she is always on the lookout for new restaurants, cafes, and bars in the north.

Maddie is here to provide in-person and Telehealth dietetic consultations and nutrition counselling.



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