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Osteopathic Treatment for Hip Injuries and Pain Relief in Melbourne

Hip or groin pain can result from a wide variety of illnesses. The most frequent ones are hip osteoarthritis, bursitis, and muscle injuries.

Hip pain can be brought on by sedentary work, and lower back or knee strain. In adolescence, slipped femoral capital epiphysis and Perthes disease may be the source of hip pain. To prevent your pain from coming back, we'll work to balance tension in your lower legs, thighs, pelvis, and lower back in addition to relieving stress on your hip muscles and joints.

Ease The Symptoms of Hip Problems Thorugh Osteopathy Treatments


The common and most typical types of pain among our patients.

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis is a condition that affects many adults.

This may be the result of chronic trauma or previous sports injuries.

A change in gait is one of the symptoms, as are pain that gets worse with movement but goes away with rest, tenderness in the groin region, restriction of hip motion, and a grinding sound or in the hip joint.

Osteopathic treatment can assist with lymphatic drainage to improve swelling reduction while reducing stiffness and soreness in the surrounding muscles.

Additionally, stretching, exercise, or home remedies may be recommended for inflammation.


Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, a tiny sac filled with fluid that sits between two structures that are typically muscles, tendons, and bones.

They lessen friction and facilitate tendon movement over the bony surface.
Overuse from sports is a common cause of bursitis.

Localised hip pain, warmth or swelling, worsening pain with movement or at night, and limited hip movement are some symptoms. Localised hip pain also occurs when lying on the affected hip or when sitting on a hard surface.

Muscle Injury

People who participate in sports frequently sustain muscle injuries.

The majority of muscle injuries recover in a few days, however, some may take longer.
If it persists, it must be examined to determine whether any joint dysfunction or muscular imbalance is to blame for the recurrent flare-ups.

A thorough case history is also beneficial in order to pinpoint the cause of the hip pain and know how to prevent it from occurring, whether it be by altering activities or posture. It's possible that the problem stems from a pelvic dysfunction rather than the hip itself.

Referred Pain

Referred pain in the hip is usually because of damage to the lower back or lumbar spine.
Damaged nerves in the lumbar spine may cause pain in the hip and groin area.

It’s important to address any lower back, knee, and foot pain as well when experiencing and treating hip pain. If you have any problems with these areas, it’s going to affect how your hip moves. Osteopaths look at your body as a whole and will treat everything!

Osteopaths can treat your strain pattern as soon as you injure yourself without making you feel worse, the mild method osteopath uses are ideal for athletic injuries. Osteopaths work to realign your joints and lessen muscular strain so that you can have better lymphatic drainage and circulation, which aid in pain relief and recovery.


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An Osteo in Melbourne To Help With Hip Pain

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