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Osteopath: Treating Neck Pain Problems in Melboourne

According to statistics, one in ten persons experiences neck pain at some point. The neck puts forth a lot of effort because it supports the head, which weighs about 5 kg on average. A gradual aching or a sharp, acute pain that limits neck movement are all possible types of neck pain.


When the body's musculoskeletal system is out of balance and out of alignment, it interferes with the function of the circulatory, nervous, or lymphatic systems, which can lessen the body's capacity to heal itself.

Understand Neck Pain and Problems Thorugh Osteopathy Treatment


The common and most typical types of neck pain problems among our patients.

Neck Pain Symptoms


Most patients typically experience a dull discomfort and stiffness that starts at the base of the skull and goes up the back of the neck, frequently accompanied with tension in the upper back. Torticollis is also known as "wry neck" is a more severe form of pain that can happen with neck movement and cause strong stabbing pain and restriction of neck movements.

When a nerve is compressed, there may be referred pain that travels down the arm and may be accompanied by tingling and numbness in the hand or arm, and in some situations, there may also be some muscle weakness.

Neck pain and stiffness are common symptoms of arthritis, particularly the degenerative variety, and are often worse in the morning upon getting out of bed.


Neck Pain Causes


Although the pain could originate in the neck, it is more often caused by the shoulder, upper back, and ribs. While there are various reasons why someone could experience neck pain, it usually originates from the musculoskeletal region.


Because the neck's joints are so small, several different injuries, including whiplash from a car accident, can strain them. The neck's joints and muscles can easily become injured after a trauma such as a head injury or a car accident.


Neck Tension and Muscle Spasm


A common cause of pain is muscle spasm and tension, which is frequently brought on by bad posture. A "wry neck," can result in extreme pain and restricted movement of the head and neck.


Injured or Pinched Nerves


Another type of neck discomfort that is connected to nerve pain and tingling in the arm and hand is nerve impingement. The most common causes of this are nerve related causes.


Examples of nerve-related causes of neck pain include:

  • Injured disc pressing on a nerve

  • Any spur pressing against a nerve

  • Swelling around nerve from joint sprains

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Neck pain brought on by fibromyalgia or specific types of joint arthritis can result from autoimmune disease.

Arthritis and Neckwear


Neckwear and tear commonly result in intervertebral disc or joint generation, which can lead to arthritis, which can cause neck pain.

A dull ache or a severe, acute pain that limits neck movement are both possible types of neck pain. Your entire body, including the soft tissues, spine, and nervous system, will be the focus of an osteopath's attention. Because an osteopath uses a holistic approach to treatment, they may examine other areas of your body in addition to the painful area. If you’re having neck pain you should visit an Osteopath for treatment.


What to expect from your Osteo neck pain consultation →


Neck Pain, When You Need A Melbourne Osteo For That

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