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Treating Common Pregnancy Pains with Osteopathy in Melbourne

The use of manual therapy during pregnancy must be moderate enough to prevent over-stretching of the muscles and joints. Cranial osteopathy is ideal for this because they don't have to force your body into uncomfortable positions. Although some pregnant women experience aches and pains early on, it is more typical to feel uncomfortable during the third trimester.

An increase in relaxin during pregnancy enables your muscles and joints to stretch and soften in order to accommodate your changing shape. This may mean more tension pain in places with pre-existing strains. During pregnancy common pains include pelvis, hip, middle back pain, and pubic pain. Some mothers also experience swelling in their hands and feet as a result of increased blood flow and compromised lymphatic function.

How Osteopathy Can Help You During Pregnancy


The osteopaths at our Melbourne (Fitzroy) clinic don’t just treat back and pelvic pain. We can advise you on some of the most common ailments experienced during pregnancy which include:



Your joints and muscles can soften thanks to relaxin, as was previously mentioned. If you already have pain in your back or pelvis, it could get worse as your muscles and joints begin to loosen up. Your body might react by tightening the previously strained areas even more, which can make the pain worse.

The shifting of your spine and pelvis as your child grows is another factor that could be causing you discomfort. Early on, this won't be apparent, but by the middle of your pregnancy, you'll notice a slight increase in the curve in your spine. This causes a slight forward tilt of the pelvis and a slight extension of the lower back in the backward direction. This may be painful for some women, especially if they have held or are still holding a job that requires a lot of sitting and is sedentary in nature.
As your pregnancy progresses, the fetus grows to such a size that your body actually moves even more into a backwards pelvic tilt and a slight flexion of your lower back. Pain may return as your body readjusts to the new position as a result of this change.

During your pregnancy, osteopathic treatment can be very beneficial for these complaints. To make daily activities more comfortable for you, we'll help your body normalise the tension in the muscles and the position of the joints.



Swelling happens as a result of the blood volume increasing by 50% at the end of your pregnancy to meet the fetus's increased needs. If there is a lot of bleeding after the birth, it is also safe for you because it prevents your body from going into shock. In some pregnant women, this extra fluid can leak out of the blood vessels and cause swelling, especially in the legs but also in the hands. The lymphatic system is strained more as a result.

The contraction of muscles drives the lymphatic system in our body. The fluid will not pump through effectively if there is too much strain and the muscle does not completely loosen. By easing any strains in these muscles and working with the diaphragm, the body's primary pressure pump, Osteopaths aim to improve lymphatic drainage in the arms and legs.




Your gluteal muscles and the muscles that stabilise your hips must adjust their tension as your pelvis shifts to make room for your developing baby. This may result in some hip-related pain.
During pregnancy, the sacroiliac and pubic joints may experience inflammation. This occurs because the muscles around the pelvis, which are very big and strong, have an impact on the joints as relaxin causes them to become looser.

Osteopaths help pregnant women with pubic pain by working with all the muscles in their hips, legs, and pelvis to relieve stress on the pubic joint.


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Better Health Osteopathy During And After  Pregnancy With Our Melbourne Osteopaths

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