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How can Osteopathy Help with Wrist, Elbow and Hand Pain?

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Common Causes of Wrist and Elbow Pain

Your body uses pain as a signal that something is wrong.

However, it doesn't always let you know what the issue is and whether you need medical attention. Pain in your wrist and elbow can be very uncomfortable and hinder your everyday life. So, what causes wrist and elbow pain? In many cases, the reason for your pain is obvious, however, sometimes the cause of the pain is unknown.


There are many known causes of wrist and elbow pain!

Common wrist pain can be caused by all of the following:




The wrist and hand joints may be affected by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The joints can only move a small amount, and the area around the knuckles is swollen.

Treatment can increase the patient's comfort and increase the range of motion in the joints.

The osteopath will examine the patient's neck, shoulder, and elbow joints in addition to the aforementioned complaints in order to provide a comprehensive course of treatment.


Elbow Pain


Overuse or repetitive activities are the most common causes of elbow pain.

A fall or elbow knock can cause trauma or pain. Pain that is made worse when grasping an object or using the wrist against resistance is another sign.

If there has been trauma, there may be swelling, or the elbow may appear to be bent incorrectly.

In the elbow joint, arthritis can also result in swelling and a grinding sound.


DeQuervain Syndrome


Due to the repetitive motion of the thumb, DeQuervain syndrome results in an inflammation of the tendons surrounding the thumb.

Women are more likely to have DeQuervain syndrome.

Pain, swelling, or difficulty moving the thumb are symptoms.

Osteopathic treatment may reduce swelling and enhance thumb joint mobility.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Brought on by pressure on the median nerve, which runs through the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition. Scar tissue from inflammation, arthritis, fluid retention during pregnancy, wrist trauma, or an overuse injury where the tendons become inflamed from repetitive hand movements can all compress the nerve.


Numbness, weakness, and pins and needles are some common symptoms.
Stretching the soft tissues, releasing constricted wrist bones, draining extra fluid, and enhancing circulation are the main goals of osteopathic treatment.


Osteopathy can assess what is causing your wrist or elbow pain issue

Osteopaths can help wrist or elbow pain by:

  • Applying manual therapy to the affected areas

  • Giving instructions for brace supports and ice protocols

  • Teaching strengthening stretches that address musculature imbalance

  • Providing advice on anti-inflammatories

  • And referring to a GP for further treatment when necessary

Why you should see an Osteopath with wrist or elbow pain problems!


In contrast to other manual therapists’ osteopaths examine the wrists and elbows holistically. The level of muscle tension and alignment of the bones and joints will be examined by your osteopath.


Osteopaths examine the potential biomechanical influences from other body parts, such as the shoulder and upper back. The osteopath may be more effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility thanks to this whole-body approach.


Osteopaths can gently and without any forceful manipulation treat both acute and chronic problems in your wrist or elbow.

What to expect from your Osteo consultation →



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