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Headaches, Caffeine and a new Clinic

For me, the first day at a new clinic always starts with a hunt for the great coffee - Anthony has set me a challenge to report back with my favourite coffee location out of the great options we have in walking distance.

I didn’t get very far out the front door of The Neighbourhood Clinic before I noticed the smell of roasting coffee beans drawing me across the road and so I’m currently sitting and sipping on cappucino from Growers Espresso, drawing inspiration from my little Frank Green coffee cup filled with warm, strong happiness.

Next on the list is Maillard Toast and Espresso Bar and then onto Taiyo Sun… I’ve been reading reviews and I’m very keen for Saturday morning when it’s time for my next coffee before work here.

That being said, if you’re coming in to see us for a headache here, we might actually ask you if you’ve recently decided to give up your adored morning coffee... As you might be able to tell I would struggle to make that commitment, however, change in caffeine intake can be one of the many causes of a type of headache called withdrawal headaches.

You may be someone who finds people and traffic generally less tolerable first thing in the morning without your coffee, leading to teeth clenching and a tight jaw that maybe clicks or is painful.

Some people instead of clenching hold tension in their shoulders after wearing them like earrings for many hours. You may even have started sleeping more heavily in a poor sleep position now you’ve given up your 3pm pick me up.

All of these factors can cause or attribute to headaches and many people come and see an osteopath to try and nut out ways to resolve/ prevent or manage their headaches.

If you’ve got any questions or think your headache might be coming from your neck, back or jaw pop in to see us.

Absolutely feel free to send me recommendations of your favourite coffee near by The Neighbourhood Clinic, come in and impart your coffee wisdom upon me or if you’re new to this area as well join in the hunt and we can compare notes!

Dr Amelia Caunt is a Doctor of Osteopathy at The Neighbourhood Clinic. Click here to book an appointment with her.

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