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Four-week Introduction to Mindfulness

4 Weeks of 1 hour sessions. Next sessions:

  • 15th April

  • 22nd April

  • 29th April

Each week will cover different aspect of mindfulness.  There’ll be some psycho-education on the week’s topic and a practice component. Participants will also be invited (but not obliged) to debrief their experience.


Offer a space and tools for clarity and steadiness to manage current circumstances. 

Weekly sessions:

Week 1 – Introduction – What is mindfulness? Why mindfulness?, Why now?; Mindfulness meditation practice.

Week 2 – Mindfulness of thoughts. Discussion on impact of worried and anxious thinking. Mindfulness meditation practice to manage unhelpful thinking. 

Week 3 – Mindfulness and the body.  

Week 4 – Mindful loving kindness and compassion.

Enquiries/registrations should be made at reception.


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