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#6 - Last Wedding in Vic

The day that Victoria went into stage 3 lockdown was the day that we got married at the registry. It was the most clinical, empty and soulless ceremony you could imagine. I had tears running down my face, not at the joy of standing proudly in front of my community declaring my love, but the echo of a room that felt so lonely in our union.

We met through shoes. I was working in at Habbot shoe store and he was the cobbler next door.

I would take shoes to get repaired there and he would make small talk and practice his English with me in his thick Italian accent. He comes from a family of leatherworkers in Italy and is very passionate about making and repairing beautiful shoes.

The plan had been a small legal marriage here on March 25 and then a bigger grander wedding ceremony in Italy in September on a winery in Tuscany or a private beach in Lazio.

But things moved so quickly.

In early March I was marrying friends in Thailand. Mid march we were in quarantine and Italy was in full lock down. We found out then that Matthia’s mother had got her passport and had been planning on surprising us at the registry

March 25 we got married.

Imagine this: We were in a room that could hold 50+ people comfortably. The celebrant was 10metres away from us. Our two witnesses were my parents, who separated 22 years ago and not the best of mates. They were 10m behind us. We were not allowed to have a photographer and my parents are not the best at selfies.

We then got jumped by a commercial reporter “how do you feel about being the last people to get married in Victoria?” Our response was love conquers all, nothing stops love!" Our family and friends watched us on the 6 o'clock news and sent their well wishes over video calls or text messages.

Coronavirus has flipped everything on its head.

Everyone is grieving something from seeing their family/friends, their job, their education, losing their travel dreams, and the simple daily rhythms of life. Everything is postponed for the time being but I am sooo looking forward to embracing my community at the end of this. With great food. And heaps of wine.

I also want to be able to go to Italy with Mattia and celebrate what is a momentous occasion in our lives with the people that love him so much.

In the meantime, I haven't given up on love or ceremony. In fact as a celebrant, I feel more inspired and passionate to celebrate it. I am marrying two beautiful souls here in mums backyard on May 8. They will not go through the cold soulless experience that I had. I will make sure they feel special and celebrated.


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