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#9 - Jack Russel Perspective

I’ve tried to maintain my daily routines as best I can but its been tough.

My work is largely security. We have a 250 square metre property. Fences on the sides, front and back.

I am provided a stipend of pats and cuddles as well as housing and food. Although the food is limited.

Early on in my career a local gang stole my employers nest with wheels.

But since then I’ve matured and become more experienced.

One nice thing about isolation has been that I have had more time to focus on my own personal growth.

The chooks on the food production side of the property tend to grind my gears.

There was an incident a while ago when Gloria Steinhen overstepped the mark, said some things that she probably regrets. —— due to a suppression order this sentence has had to be removed ——— But now with the increased time I meditate in front of the fire, or on the porch, or the couch, or in my employers bed.

I am working on controlling my anger management response mechanisms.

Margaret Hatcher and Hermione Free Ranger still test my patience but I endeavour to be a good boy and keep my employers happy.

A nice thing about corona has been the increased communication and connection I have been having with loved ones.

My cousin Ralph, a Melbourne based security officer, has had a bit of an identity crisis as he recently found out that the security officer for Comrade Dutton is also called Ralph.

I'd also like to pay my respects to the labradors and and golden retrievers out there doing it tough.

Whilst I think they are overgrown human pleasers I think it is important to recognise the unpaid labor associated with home schooling during this time.


Life in the Time of Corona would like to thank Fred the Security Guard for his time and wish him and his relationship with the food production arm of the property all the best.


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