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Masks Must Be Worn Indoors Unless At a Food/Drink Venue

What happened?

A hotel quarantine worker tested positive yesterday afternoon, the Health department kicked into gear and Dan updated the rules in a “don’t panic guys but” press conference at 10.30pm last night.

What are they?

Masks must be on indoors unless at a food/drink venue. Recommended to be on if visiting friends (hot tip catch up outside).

No more than 15 people at a time visiting a home (down from 30).

The 75 per cent ‘return to work’ cap in both public and private sectors scheduled for Monday 8 February will be paused and the current cap of 50% will remain in place.

What’s that means for TNC?

Not much. We’ve been giving masks to people since March and that doesn’t look like changing for a while.

What are the risks of this spreading?

Professor Brettie said “This individual has given very detailed information about where he’s been, and when. We’ve already ramped up every aspect of the response that we know needs to be in place to get ahead of it.”


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