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Infection Control - A Summary with laughs

Hello All,

Bill tells me the site keeps crashing for this and well.. I've screen shot all the slides... Don't judge me, I was worried I might forget something and fail the test. Taking too long to upload them so i'll type out a summary and send through slides if they ever upload.

Summary of events -

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can make people sick this one originated in China 2019:

- 80% of people will experience mild symptoms and fully recover.

- 15% moderate symptoms and recover with no special treatment

- 5% will experience severe symptoms and "get very sick" ....

Symptoms are

- Fever

- Coughing, sore throat and fatigue

- Shortness of Breath

**Not everyone with these symptoms has Corona - I think we knew that but there you go it was an NB

Higher risk population = "older people"

With conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory disease or immune deficiencies.

- Anybody can catch it - no gender or race discrimination - (bit worrying that this one had to be mentioned!)

How is it spread?

- droplet transmission (produced with a cough or sneeze)

- these droplets typically cannot travel more than 1 meter in distance - hence social distancing = 1.5 meters + away from people around you. So if they cough their droplets can't get you.

2 ways to get it

- if someone coughs or sneezes on you in close contact

- breathing in the droplets can -> contracting the virus

- or you touch a contaminated object (door knob etc) and then touch your eyes, nose, face or mouth


- wash your hands REGULARLY and don't touch your face

- you can kill the virus by washing your hands with soap.

- clean regularly touched surfaces regularly - light switches door knobs, taps

- sink basin and floors also wash but less frequently etc

- follow instructions of cleaning products .... if it says don't get cleaning product on skin and use in a well ventilated area best to follow this...


- Don't go to large gatherings or events unless absolutely necessary - too many droplets to manage avoidance

Here is how to wash your hands:

- there is also a WHO video on using hand sanitiser if you need it but same thing but you need to do it for 20-30 seconds until it's dry use the same pattern as per with soap

Visitors (to work or your home) should wash their hands before entering and after they leave - they advise to have signs up to remind people to wash their hands.

Don't shake hands - there was a video - not bad if you need some humour - tap elbows, tap feet, there was also one suggesting you tap butts but might be a slight issue in the work place and your patient might sue you so we'll leave that one out...

Use Good respiratory hygiene - cough into your bent elbow, if you use a tissue it goes straight in the bin and wash your hands afterwards.

Facemasks 😷 in public - no use won't protect you - leave them for people treating the ill and people who are sick only.

Food prep - don't prep food for other people if you're sick - doesn't seem to be spread by food but still - it also tells you how not to get food poisoning - I won't bore you - main thing is don't cough on the food...


- Maintain relationships with friends - important but only if they wash their hands first thing when they get to your house

- don't go and see people who are unwell

- if you're sick stay at home and use skype or. phone call.

Been overseas - stay at home! Don't go to work - 14 days isolation for you - I'll share my netflix if you need it.

highest risk countries- china, iran, italy, south korea but everywhere be risky...

If you get symptoms - STAY AT HOME

- try and isolate yourself at home in a room if others at home are well

- preferably have your own bathroom (i'm pretty jealous if you have your own I won't lie) and clean door handles, taps and flat surfaces regularly.

- Wear a mask if you have to be around others but try and stay 1.5 m away

- seek medical assistance but as we all know call first don't just show up

- national corona info and triage line =1800 020 080 or call your regular health care person and they can guide you

- let work know

- if someone you know gets it - put on PPE when you're around them and call the triage line.

Myths (get ready for them cos they go deep)

- coronavirus can only be transmitted in humid environments or cold environments - we have seen transmission in both summer and winter climates around the world.

- having a hot bath will kill the germs - sadly no - you'll just burn yourself and just wash your damn hands - they're relaxing though 💆

- you can't get it from a mosquito bite....

- hand dryers won't kill it- just WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS that will then dry them properly with hand dryer or paper towel

- Don't use UV lights to kill COVID - 19 - you'll "irritate your skin" maybe a slight euphemism there.

- thermal scanner - not useful unless the person has developed symptoms - can take 2-10 days to develop a fever after infection

- My personal favourite - "Can spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body kill the new coronavirus?" - You all know the answer to this - you'll need to see the doctor afterwards if you do...

- Vaccines protect against it - we don't have one yet

- regularly spraying saline up your nose will help - WTF?!

- eating lots of garlic? No evidence but it's good for you cos it tastes delish... if you don't have an intolerance to it

- can antibiotics prevent it - no - they'll only give it to you in hospital because often bacterial infections co occur with viruses - bacterias are the worst

- We have no current medications to treat it - true




- Wash your hands

- Maintain social Distancing - 1.5m guys - stay at home if sick - no big gatherings

- practice good respiratory etiquette - cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (dispose of it immediately - the tissue, not your elbow ) and wash your hands after.

- seek medical advice if you get symptoms - but call first

apparently has good info.

Sorry it's dry.

Hope all of you and your loved ones are well!




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