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UPCOMING EVENTS: A group for people who nurture creativity in others

When: Mon 6.30-7.30pm for six weeks, commencing 2 September, 2019. 

Where: The Neighbourhood Clinic, 329 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

Cost: $210 to be paid upfront. 

Participants are required to attend each of the six sessions. Please contact reception to arrange a pre-group interview.

As the group will be established in the first week and will continue together for the full six weeks, this is an indicative guide as the content and structure can be adapted to the needs of the group.

Week 1. Establishing goals and group principles.

Week 2. On values: Exploring our compass and centre

Week 3. On thoughts: Challenging the inner critic, coping with setbacks 

Week 4. On the interpersonal and social: Coping with conflict, healthy boundaries and social capital

Week 5. On self-care: Mindfulness and other approaches to stress management 

Week 6. Conclusion and evaluation


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