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How can Osteopathy Help with Ankle or Foot Pain?

An osteopath can assess what is causing your ankle or foot pain

All ages, from young children to the elderly, might feel ankle pain, which can be brought on by many types of injuries or arthritis.

Osteopaths can assess what is causing your ankle or foot pain. Our Melbourne Osteopaths are highly qualified to treat ankle discomfort no matter the cause of pain or injury.

Read below to learn more about the common symptoms of ankle pain and how Osteopathy can help you.

Common Symptoms of Ankle Pain or Foot Pain

Ankle pain typically occurs deep inside, on the inside, or outside of the ankle.
Pain may occasionally be referred to the foot.

These locations may only experience localised pain, or the ankle may experience generalised discomfort.

The area of discomfort is frequently correlated with the kind of injury or other factor causing ankle pain.

For instance, the pain is frequently felt on the outside of the ankle if the foot and ankle are turned inside.

Ankle discomfort that extends deep inside the ankle may be caused by a shattered heel or ankle bone.

Deep inside the ankle and foot, arthritis can result in swelling and pain.

An Osteopathy for ankle twisting or foot problems

Ankle twisting is the most prevalent source of pain in the ankle.

Typically, when playing sports or tripping over, the foot slides inward, resulting in an ankle sprain.

Other causes include falling heavy on your leg, fractures, arthritis, tendonitis, or lower back injuries that refer pain to the ankle.

Treatment for ankle pain or foot-related injuries


Ankle pain caused by recent or previous injuries can often be successfully treated by osteopaths.

Commonly, if the ankle is not addressed holistically, prolonged discomfort may result.
Other ankle-related bones, ligaments, and muscles also need to be checked and treated in addition to the ankle joint itself.

Any ankle injury will typically cause a twist or limitation in the ankle joint, but this can also cause the remainder of the foot to twist.

It's important to note that the fibula, a little bone that travels along the outside of the lower leg and helps form the outside ankle joint, can twist and cause pain on the outside of the ankle and foot.

To release the stress and twist in these bones and joints, osteopathy employs a very delicate balancing method.

This implies that we are able to properly treat recent injuries that are generating severe pain and are challenging to treat with massage or manipulation.

This method can also be used to treat chronic ankle discomfort.

Osteopaths frequently notice that the ankle joint is being affected by ongoing stress in the foot and fibula.

The goal of osteopathic treatment is to release these twists and muscle tensions so that you can perform better and experience less discomfort.

Osteopaths treat the ankle while also considering any stress and imbalance that an ankle injury may cause in the knee, hip, pelvis, and lower spine.

This helps our patients get back to moving more quickly and resulting in more effective pain management.

Osteopaths treat the entire body, not just the ankle, in their treatments.

The osteopath may be more effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility thanks to this whole-body approach.

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