The Ultimate Guide about Remedial Massages

What is a remedial massage?

A remedial massage therapist has spent a minimum of one year learning the nuances of massage therapy.

We say a minimum as really good massage therapists keep learning throughout their careers.

How does it help after a work out?

When working out you push your muscles to the end of their capacity which can lead to a sensation called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Anyone that has started exercise after a summer of not exercising will know this sensation really well.

It’s the one that often makes us swear we will never exercise again.

When you train a lot your body can become uncomfortable. An easy way to help manage this is to see an excellent remedial massage therapist.

They will push things, pulls things, increasing bloody flow and altering neural inputs/outputs all over your body.

How does remedial massage therapy help manage stress?

Stress is a fascinating phenomena. One of human-beings great evolutionary tricks was the development of stress responses. The flight/fight response is pretty well known:

Tiger leaps out an ancestor of ours, our body kicks into flight/fight, our muscles tighten and our ancestor bops the tiger on the nose and runs as fast as lightning to safety.

But in contemporary society there are financial stressors, relationship and work issues which all trigger a similar fight/flight response leading our muscles to tighten up.

Remedial massage therapy cannot alleviate the stressors in ones life. That is the domain of a psychologist.

However a remedial massage therapist is excellent at alleviating the manifestations of stress, the tightness that occurs int he shoulders or jaw or back or neck or foot (person dependent).

Why does it feel so good?

The hands and elbows of experienced massage therapists know how to press with the right amount of pressure.

Does the Neighbourhood Clinic have the best Massage Therapists in Melbourne?

We certainly think so. And our clients tend to agree.

Meet our remedial massage therapists here or book an appointment with them here.

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