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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (B. Ex. & Sp. Sci.), Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Lucy’s clinical experience is specialised in the fields of aged care, musculoskeletal and neurologically affected populations. Her primary experience has been focused in a hospital environment caring for both inpatients and outpatients. The quality of her hospital experience to date has proved incredibly valuable to Lucy’s recent transition into private practice.

Lucy’s enthusiasm is infectious. Brought up in a health care family, Lucy recognised early in her career the importance of empathy when aligning tailored exercise plans to each client.

Lucy’s qualifications include both; a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (B. Ex. & Sp. Sci.) and a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Lucy empowers clients with knowledge and education; encouraging open communication and feedback about the care she provides.


Ultimately, Lucy enables a client-lead-care-strategy where progress, monitoring and self-improvement enables long term rehabilitation and wellbeing. Lucy’s intuition for people and her ability to identify appropriate, positive, fun and enjoyable exercises for each client continues to exceed expectations. Lucy’s goal is to determine ‘what does exercise means to you?’

Lucy is a passionate and dedicated leader also commencing work part time at Australian Catholic University (ACU) as a practicing clinical student supervisor; training the next generation of Exercise Physiologists. 

Whilst Exercise Physiology is at the forefront of disease prevention, treatment and overall wellness; Lucy’s passion for neurological impairment has her also pursuing personal development training in Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions to expand her reach and impact in the community.

Outside of work, Lucy enjoys a range of activities including learning Auslan, walking on the beach with her golden retriever and learning new skills like the Trapeze. New challenges, new experiences, meeting new people and contributing to the community is what a fulfilled life is all about.

Lucy provides Exercise Physiology to Fitzroy North, Fitzroy, Carlton North, Carlton, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Northcote, Thornbury, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Preston and Fairfield.